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Hear It Better

Unparalleled product knowledge of our staff in products for individuals who are deaf or have some level of hearing loss lets us guarantee reliability for all our customers. We are focused at tailored services helping improve your life quality and facilitate day-to-day activities.


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Since 1983


“If they’re good products and we’d use them ourselves, others will believe in them as well.” 

It was a simple concept that our company’s founders used as a motto when they opened the doors back in 1983. Ted and Ginny Hartling (that’s them to the right of The Mayor at the ribbon cutting) were always able to relate to the frustrations endured by their clients with hearing loss. Ginny was born completely deaf and Ted lost almost all of his hearing before he was ten years old due to a childhood illness. Over thirty years later, our corporate philosophy has not changed. As you take the time to explore our website, you will be presented with technological solutions to some of the obstacles that you may face in your life due to a hearing loss. 

Effective Quality Products

We know that if the words aren’t loud and clear, a simple phone call to or from a loved one can be a chore instead of a joy. We get how difficult it is to feel comfortable leaving someone at home alone if they can’t hear a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. We can show you how much more enjoyable Thanksgiving will be when you can follow and actually participate in the conversation at the table. There are many products that are advertised around the world and sold for use by folks with hearing loss. Like in any area of technology, some hearing loss products are of good quality and others are not. We have managed to take the real life experiences of our founders and our clients and we have used those experiences as blueprints so that we can offer only the best, most effective products that are being manufactured today. As you review our selected products, know that we offer them with the simple belief that if they make a difference for our friends and families, they can make a difference for yours.



Our Services

We understand all the difficulties a person with hearing loss faces every day. Our goal is to eliminate the anxiety that may come with the realization that you are dealing with hearing loss. We work directly with our customers aiming to provide cost effective and time efficient solutions. Person-to-person approach is very important for our staff. Our specialists are the best in offering smart devices for people with partial or severe hearing loss. All the products we stock are carefully selected to guarantee a quality standard and person-friendly options. We constantly improve our knowledge to understand what you enjoy and help you choose a product to improve your life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to remain the best provider of products for people with hearing loss in New England and beyond.

Our Vision

Our vision is uncompromised quality and safety of our products.

Together We Address Your Needs

When you need a TV listener or an amplified alarm or phone, we’re ready to help. Contact us and we’ll get right back to you.



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   Hear it Better
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