Sonic Alert HomeAware Fire Safety Value Package

Sonic Alert HomeAware Fire Safety Value Package

Quick Overview

Rest easy knowing you’ll be alerted in a smoke or Carbon Monoxide emergency!
Rest easy knowing you’ll be alerted in a smoke or Carbon Monoxide emergency!

This kit alerts you to danger in multiple rooms and has a bed shaker to wake you up during the night.

Place the HA360SS-SC Transmitter next to your existing smoke or CO alarm. Once your alarm goes off, the HA360SS-SC will send a signal to both the HA360M Main Unit and HA360BR Basic Receiver. The HA360M will alert you with scrolling text, loud alarm, flashing lights and bed shaker. The HA360BR will notify you with bright, flashing LED icons.

The HomeAware is a revolutionary signaling system that alerts you to receivers with scrolling text, strobe, loud alarm and bed shaker. It eliminates any doubt that your system is working—if there is a low battery or broken link, the HA360M will let you know!

The HomeAware is completely customizable! Add transmitters to be alerted to different events (like baby cry or cell phone), and extra receivers to be alerted in additional rooms. Find additional transmitters and receivers in the "We Also Recommend" tab. 

Features of the HA360 Master Package:

  • Includes HA360M Main Unit, doorbell transmitter and bed shaker
  • Each time a transmitter sends a signal, text will scroll by on the HA360M Main Unit's screen, such as “DOOR”, “PHONE”, etc.
  • Scrolling text is much easier to read across the room than icons typically used on receivers
  • Choose to be alerted by any or all: Scrolling text, 110dB alarm, powerful bed shaker and bright strobe
  • Monitoring of low batteries and broken links between HA360M and transmitters
  • 1,000ft range with an additional 1,000ft per extra receiver
  • USB port for a charging cell phone
  • Automatic dimmer, dual alarm and snooze functions on alarm clock
  • Volume and tone control for audible alarm
  • Caller ID for landline and videophone calls
  • USB plug charges your cell phone while you sleep
  • Battery Back-up for receiving alerts and full clock operation (requires 5 AA batteries—not included)
  • Link up to 15 transmitters and receivers to the HA360M Main Unit

Features of the HA360SS-SC Smoke/CO Transmitter:

  • Signal sent to HA360M distinguishes between a T3 (smoke) or T4 (CO) alarm
  • If you have an older detector model that does not have a T4/T3 alarm, “ALERT” will scroll across the HA360M's screen
  • Purchasing a transmitter for each alarm in your home is recommended
  • Battery back-up (9V battery not included)
  • Includes AC Adapter

Features of the HA360BR Basic Receiver:

  • Bright, flashing LED Icons
  • Different flash patterns for each alert sent
  • Adds an additional 1,000ft of range to the HA360 Main Unit
  • Battery Backup (3 AA batteries not included)
  • Must be used with the HA360M Main Unit and does not receive signals directly from transmitters.


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